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Opera Items & Gifts

A few delightful items from local opera organizations and individuals

Support our local companies and businesses!

Manga & Mozart Coloring Book

New Edition!

 Opera-tunities for creativity, entertainment and learning await with each page.

Soprano, Danielle Di Stefano's semi-realistic Manga (Japanese drawing style) meets Mozart, Verdi, Puccini, and more. 




Enjoy this new edition of beloved characters and scenes from some of the most famous operas ever written.      
   Each character is adorned in historically accurate attire, with patterns and furnishings showcasing essentially what would have been seen in real life.     
   Interesting facts about each opera and the fashions are included on separate pages, with borders, (also colorable) that represent the styles of that time period. Studies show many health benefits from coloring!  Order on Amazon   




Operalicious Cookbook

The Operalicious Cookbook-
   From Rossini's famed recipes to dramatic onstage dinners, opera has always been associated with food.
The Operalicious Cookbook has created
menus designed to immerse yourself in the food of opera.

   Travel to Egypt with Aida to feast on Kofta and Fattoush, to Spain for Sangria and Paella with Carmen and the Southern US for Fried Chicken with Susanna.

   Recreate the historical opera dishes of tenor, Enrique Caruso with his Naples Style Bucatini and Risotto from composer Giuseppe Verdi.

   Enjoy Opera Singer’s Favorites with Classic Bread Pudding from soprano, Jacqueline Ornsby. Friulan Polenta from bass, Suzanne Fatta, Pasta e Fagioli from Salvatore Licitra, tenor, and Rueben Slaw from Jacqueline Quirk, soprano.

   Also look for Opera Buffs Obsessions with
La Pizza Con Funghi from Seymour Barab.         Opera Sweets including Opera Cake from Danielle DiStefano, soprano,Opera Blondies from Ruth Newman, Opera Fudge and Opera Cremes from Sylvia Volk. 
   We didn't forget After the Opera Treats and Opera Cocktails!

Also included: a synopsis of each opera to round out your gastronomic opera listening sessions!

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Harmonia- Into the Light-
   Music of light and shadows, life and loss, hope and rebirth.

Stunning lighting and sublime a cappella.
Preview and purchase via iTunes,  Amazon

Opera Crossword Puzzles

   Howard Henry, frequent supernumerary for Buffalo Opera Unlimited, has created a book of 26 opera-themed crosswords for sale on consignment. Please contact him here or details.

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