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Please scroll down for the Submission Form

If you are a performing organization and would like to be listed in the vocal alerts, please send your details in the following outline/requested format.
Scroll down for the form below or email your event details to Danielle DiStefano

WHEN: Day, Month, Time. (If you have numerous performances please give them each a separate listing so they can be copied and pasted and placed in order by month.)

WHAT: A brief explanation of what will be performed, the theme if applicable, who will be performing if that info is available. Please add quotations to titles of works and recheck spelling for foreign languages. (Italicizing will probably not come through.)

WHERE: Location of the event. Mention free parking if applicable, or in a certain area of the building, wheel chair access if available.

HOW: Cost of event, or free to the public, or by donation, etc. and contact information for tickets and questions.

Thank you in advance, we look forward to your wonderful event and a successful New Year of amazing vocal performances!

Danielle Di Stefano, soprano

Buffalo & WNY Vocal Alert PR /Coordinator







Event Contact Information

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